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Scholarships Overview


PWCA Scholarships provide financial assistance to high school seniors who exhibit excellence in a well rounded educational and extracurricular program. Each year, we award four $1000 scholarships and four $500 scholarships based on essay submissions. The scholarships are made possible by the Annual PWCA Convention Clinic, and are administered by the PWCA Scholarship Committee. Read more about the Scholarship Award process and download an application below.


2024 Scholorship Season

The 2024 application is available to download here:

Please send completed applications to:

Northern Lebanon High School

c/o Rusty Wallace 

345 School Drive

Fredericksburg, Pa 17026

Applications are due March 31, 2024.


Any current high school senior wrestler who is enrolled in a public or accredited private school in PA. Has attained a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) non-weighted based on a 4.0 scale for the three previous academic years (Grades 9, 10, and 11). And are planning to continue their education beyond high school in an accredited institution of higher education or a technical school.


The PWCA Scholarship Committee will consider the following for the purposes of awarding the $1000 scholarships:

  1. Academic achievement 25% (GPA and Class rank)

  2. Athletic achievement 25%

  3. Essay Contest 50%

The PWCA Scholarship Committee's  $500 scholarships will be based solely on the essay submissions.


  1. Scholarships may be used at any institution of the recipient's choice education program which is designed to take one or more years to complete.

  2. Recipients will be announced in June by letter from the PWCA. A list of all winners will be sent to their guidance counselors. Non-recipients will not be notified.

  3. All winners must submit a certificate of admission or letter of acceptance to the Scholarship Committee by July 1st. Letters are required for the scholarship to be awarded. No scholarships will be awarded without proper documentation.

  4. Scholarships can be used for tuition, books, laboratory fees, and other academic costs like room and board.

  5. A check will be sent to the individual upon receipt for books, tuition, lodging, computer, etc. 

  6. If a recipient leaves the institution and there are PWCA Scholarship funds remaining, the institution shall return the balance to the PWCA.

  7. If a scholarship winner must delay their education for any reason, the scholarship will be held for up to 2 years from the date of high school graduation.

  8. The PWCA will be awarding four $1000 scholarships for the total application and four $500 scholarships. The same person cannot win both awards.


All applications for any denomination of scholarship must be received by March 31st of the year in which they are awarded.


Please send completed applications to:

Northern Lebanon High School

c/o Rusty Wallace

345 School Drive

Fredericksburg, Pa 17026


2022 $1000 Scholarship Recipients
Kole Briscoe - South Columbia HS (District 4)
Gavin Bradley - Athen HS (District 6)
Aiden O'Shea - Bellefonte HS (District 4)
Roman Morrone - Williamsport HS (District 4)

2021 $1000 Scholarship Recipients
Josh Harkless - Wilson HS (Essay)
Kaseim Gregg - Harrisburg HS (
Jacob Sabol - Richland HS (
Sam Starr - Kiski HS

2020 $1000 Scholarship Recipients
Luke Stout - Mt. Lebanon HS (District 7) (Essay)
Sheldon Seymour - Troy HS (District 4) (Essay)

2022 $500 Scholarship Recipients
Chase Levy - Nazareth HS (District 11)
Michael Bluhm - Lackawanna Trail HS (District 2)
Taylor Weaver - Central Mountain HS (District 6)
Samuel Orzolek - Exeter HS (District 3)

2021 $500 Scholarship Recipients
Dylan Bennett - Montoursville HS
Cam Butka - West Scranton HS
Kyler Crawford - Milton HS
Brock McMillen - Glendale HS

2020 $500 Scholarship Recipients
Kole Lichtenfels - Bishop McCort HS (District 6) (Essay)
Ethan Cain - Elizabeth Forward HS (District 7) (Essay)

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