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PWCA All-Academic Application & Information Update

March 2021
The 2021 PWCA All-Academic Application is now available! For more information on eligibility, the application process, and to link to the application, visit our All-Academic page.



PWCA Scholarship Application & Information Update

January 2021
The 2021 PWCA Scholarship Application is now available! For more information on scholarship eligibility, the application process, and to download the application, visit our Scholarships page.


PAUSA Woman's Wrestling News

January 2021
PAUSA will be hosting a premier event exclusively for high school girls in PA. The Top 5 girls in each weight class will be advancing to the National Tournament. For more information and to keep up to date with all the The PAUSA Wrestling by viewing their January Newsletter.

"My Wrestling Goal" Encouraging Young Wrestlers

January 2021
The National Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum are encouraging wrestlers of all ages to set a wrestling goal for 2021 and share it for display at the two museums. For more information on how to participate, please visit our Resources page.


Helpful Information for First Year PA Wrestling Coaches

December 2020
Ron Frank, PWCA District VII District Representative, has produced a practical guide for PA wresting coaches. This 44 page handbook is filled with useful information including everything from monthly to-so lists, sample documents/releases, guides to Trackwrestling, and more to assist with many of the clerical tasks necessary for a Head Wrestling Coach. See more details & download the document by visiting our Resources page or download by clicking the PDF available to the right.

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